A fundamental lesson about unplugging I wish I knew before — A remote worker story

Case Study

It was around 10:00pm when I stood up and declared that I was leaving. The rest of my friends who attended the dinner looked at me as if I were completely out of my mind. What my friends couldn’t grasp was my restlessness. They couldn’t understand why I would prefer to go home instead of spending one more hour with them. Surprised and doubtful faces looked at me in complete silence. Those few seconds of awkwardness were enough to convince me to give a bit of explanation.


The problem wasn’t my boss. The problem wasn’t the deadline or the pressure to obtain results. Nothing external to me was the real problem. Why? Because everything that I could do at the end of a working day when I was tired and frustrated could wait until the next day.


The solution is pretty simple to see, but quite difficult to get. Imagine you have a glass wall that separates you from the solution. You can see it right in front of you, but you still can’t get it. The hard job is to find an opening in the glass wall.

Benefits of understanding the drive

Can you imagine the kind of connection you can achieve with yourself and your beloved once you have a clear picture of what your drive is and you develop your strategy to improve your work-life balance? Can you see yourself switching computer and phone off, being satisfied with what you accomplished and being completely present with your family and friends?

Where to start?

You can start investigating your drive right now using the questions I gave you in the “why, why…and again why” section. But you can also go further by seeking professional guidance to help you through whatever might hold you back from achieving your perfect life style. Start reaching out for a meaningful conversation with someone who went through your situation and came out of it with a lot of experience to share.



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