Hi Renee,

I am glad that you feel better :) It is indeed nice to she how science is backing Wim Hof up.

About the tips you asked, well in my case I had a psychological resistance to the cold showers. If I carefully think about it, I wanted to avoid feeling uncomfortable and cold. If I make a step further, I can see that my education instilled the idea of the uncomfortable as a bad thing. I needed to really challenge my beliefs to mentally accept the fact that cold showers are much better than warm ones. I needed to embrace pain and discomfort and be fine with that. Isn’t a big part of our process of becoming present and alive about being fine with the discomfort? How does the unknown, the unpredictable things, the lack of control make us feel? And how do we react when we realize how powerless and at the mercy of the events we are?

That’s right, we feel agitated, anxious, stressed out, don’t we?

Just some food for thought :)

Now, about physically taking a cold shower. What I do is to get used to it bit by bit. During the first few seconds, my arms, chest and legs are wet. Then, I completely go under the shower, washing my hair and back too….uuuhhhh it’s awesome!! :D

Hope this helps.

Enjoy your evening,




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