The dark side of Academia — And how to know if it fits you

1. There are no flexible hours

I bet that you study whenever you can and you feel guilty even if cooking your dinner is taking too long

2. Fear fueld years

If you have small chances to win, you will counterattack with the only resource that you master, working even harder

3. Complete alienation…workwise

You can easily imagine how unsettling it can be to realize that what you do eventually matters to very few people

4. A never-ending “start from scratch”

Clearly, when you win a postdoc you have to start from scratch

How to cope with academia

Tip 1: Focus on the Lifestyle

If your heart melts at the thought of this kind of life, then go for it without any doubts

Tip 2: Nurture your Hobbies

Tip 3: Combine and Discover

Once you group adjectives into skills, you have a profile



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