well, I must admit that I am surprised too for having taken cold showers for so long. Here in Belgium, water is really cold during winter, but I enjoy it anyway :D :D

I started having cold showers during a permaculture course. There was only a solar shower and I hated being psychologically afraid that I wouldn’t have a warm shower if someone else was faster than me. So, I decided to solve the problem head on. I embraced myself and I thought that a bit of cold water couldn’t harm me. I felt independent and free to have a shower whenever I wanted. I also started reading something about the benefits of taking cold showers and I got very interested in Wim Hof, I checked this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKgUE76udK4 and I read some articles in literature about the method :)

hope I could help you :)

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