When Vulnerability Is Embraced, Remote Teams Thrive

Meaning Of Healthy Remote Team And Its Consequences

  1. Leadership. A remote team can’t be healthy if the boss doesn’t see himself as one of the team players. A manager must understand that even though he has different responsibilities, his role isn’t above the others’.
  2. Vision. Does the team have an aligned vision of where the efforts of each remote worker are going and why? In other words, is everyone in the team fully aware of what he is doing and why with respect to the vision of the company and does he agree with that?
  3. Sense of belonging. Do the team members help each other without judging, organize (and take part to) online events, care for each other with respect to their private life too?
  4. Communication. How free to you feel to express your opinions, give and receive feedback? If it’s hard for you to digest a tough feedback, then a healthy communication channel is severed. If you don’t feel free to express your ideas, what are you afraid of? If the answer is the judgement of the other team mates, then there are definitely some adjustments to make to create a healthier remote team.

How To Create A Healthy Communication

Vulnerability And Its Benefits

  1. If you think that your idea would sound useless of even stupid, you are acting out of fear of judgement, not showing any vulnerability.
  2. On the other hand, if you think that it would be a better idea to first analyze your contribution in detail before sharing it with the team, you are taking the whole team into account, acting out of generosity. It’s a huge step towards vulnerability, but you are not there yet.
  3. If you instead give your opinion without any fear, you might end up saying something like “guys, I have a contribution to give. I didn’t analyze it extensively yet. I see some possible drawbacks in what you want to do and I might have some improvements. May I explain you my contribution?” Now you are talking! And you are acting out of a genuine interest in making things better, not only for you, but for the whole team. That’s vulnerability.

Where To Start Right Now In Creating A Healthy Environment



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